Experience BGA Removing Digital Bloat, and Building Digital Brand Power:

BGA Media Group, “BGA” is a digital marketing consultancy specialized for eCommerce growth. The company was founded in 2008 by Kevin B. Small, who hatched the concept of a “CDO” – a Chief Digital Operative from the realization that brands need help beyond their four organizational walls, and that “agency” is a verb, not a noun, when it comes to making brands strategically relevant in the attention-deficited eCommerce world in which consumers live.

This realization, of course, comes by way of diverse experience working across industries such as retail, beauty, fashion, real estate, luxury goods, hospitality, wellness, food, alcoholic beverages, as well as a broad landscape of A-list agencies, boutique shops, and premium adtech service providers.  Over time, the trust built among these ecosystem players has led to the expectation of double and triple-digit growth for the brands that BGA touches. It is also the reason why BGA’s business comes almost exclusively from executive referrals, whether these referrals create opportunities for established companies needing a major boost in their growth trajectories, or those seeking strategic earlier stage growth by way of venture or private equity investment.

BGA’s special toolset of digitally intelligent optics insures that your brand experiences the hockey stick, bottom-line growth it deserves. All of which is made possible through a long-term, healthy and rewarding relationship with you.

BGA Methodology Digital Intelligence Superoptics®

You’re here because you have an eCommerce problem, you need customized solutions, and the digital insurance to keep everything operating profitably at a smooth pace.  Our new relationship now future-proofs your digital growth. BGA’s proprietary Digital Intelligence Superoptics®  methodology focuses on three foundational pillars:


  • ROAS benchmarking
  • Real conversion rates
  • Proof-of-performance


  • Resource assessments
  • Platform consolidation
  • Trust-building


  • Capacity testing
  • Proper onboarding
  • Deep integration

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BGA Partner NetworkOur partner ecosystem has strong pillars

BGA Media Group understands the importance of finding the right strategic partners for every brand. Our value is only as good as the partners we trust, and with whom reliability, efficacy and affordability are constants. At BGA, our strategic partners uphold the same standard of excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction that we do. Read More »